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Hey out there, Tanith Lee lovers!

I want to know something.  I want you to tell me which of Tanith Lee's characters YOU think is the best protaganist--but you also have to tell me why.
There are so many amazing characters to choose from!

My favourite would have to be Jane, from "Silver Metal Lover", followed closely by Hesta of "When the Lights Go Out".  
I love how relatable Jane is, with her very realistic flaws.  She cries about nothing, throws tantrums, and seems to live on a hormonal teenage roller coaster.  One minute she's dressed to the nines and feels amazing, and the next, feels like a child playing (expensive) dress-up.  She grows up a lot, during the course of the novel, and allows her (one sided?) relationship with Silver to be a springboard to start learning about who she is.  Because she is the human, he forces her to make choices on things she has never had to think about, ever before.  In a large way, he gives her a sense of independence.  

Hesta, on the other hand, is as different as can be from Jane.  She has that quality that several of Tanith's characters have, where they are strictly observers in their own life.  Hesta stands unaffected as events swirl around her, like a stone in the middle of a river.  She is part of it, but detatched all the same.  She never really proactively DOES anything.  But at the same time, everything is about her.  She really is a priestess, distant with almost a religious fervor.
Wayii Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
I'd have to say Parl Dro, the ghost slayer, from Kill the Dead (part of Sometimes, After Sunset).

His stolid determination and the underlying irony of his profession are very engaging. The sense that he feels a great deal of compassion for his targets though he grimly does whatever is necessary to lay them to rest and succor their usually ungrateful living links right down to the bitter end touches me.

It was a bit sad how his epic quest to destroy Ghiste Mortua ended, but it didn't tarnish his character at all in my eyes.
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October 25, 2012